When the postman comes quietly

Bonn, 23 August 2016

Deutsche Post operates one of the largest vehicle fleets in Germany. Logical that the company slowly but surely must worry about, how you should shoulder the increasingly stringent emission regulations for the delivery vehicles in the future. A solution could be the electric Streetscooter work. Never heard of? We introduce the vehicle.

Help of the start up company

According to J├╝rgen Gerdes, Manager of the Management Board of Deutsche Post, the entire fleet for letter and package delivery in the medium term on electric vehicles should be converted. The first approach of the post comes from the company Streetscooter, which has succeeded thanks to the order of the yellow giant of the start-up companies to the post subsidiary. But from the beginning: what is behind the truck so unobtrusive? After the post met a simple to build cheap and practical E-transport, with their concerns, at the big automobile manufacturers on deaf ears, they turned to Streetscooter from Aachen. There, the vehicles were then developed according to the post.

Sufficient range for the post

The 1,420-kilogram cars that can be loaded with up to 650 kilograms, are driven by an electric motor. Electronically limited, this accelerates the transporter to maximum 80 km/h. The battery capacity of 20.4 kWh is enough for a range of 50 to 80 kilometers, depending on the loading. 80% of the battery charge is reached after 4.5 hours. That doesn't sound now only once after innovative record, but when does nothing or the postman goes local in his shift per day more than 80 kilometers? He does not, namely. Therefore completely sufficient capacity for the purpose of the post.

Up to 10,000 pieces per year

The Streetscooter are currently in a former factory Talbot railway built. The production capacity be extended just to up to 10,000 vehicles per year. Until the end of the year 2016, the post of even 2,000 such cars in use will have in the future even up to 70,000. But customers in other industries interested in the Streetscooter. "Currently we check some framework conditions such as the warranty," Gerdes recently revealed the news magazine "Der Spiegel". "There is no final decision, whether we sell to third parties. But I personally would be surprised if we did not", so the next Manager. (mf)