Way for autonomous driving

Berlin, 14 April 2016

It is a dream that is increasingly becoming a reality: the driver sits behind the steering wheel, must not touch but it. By itself, the vehicle control computer. The new Mercedes E-class can overtake as independently and follow ahead vehicles. But a problem remains open despite all progress, namely that the legal situation. May cars ever independently on German roads drive? Soon, Yes, because the Federal Cabinet has decided a Bill.

Agreement modification

The design is the implementation of the revised Vienna Convention of 1968. The Vienna Convention was once agreed to make the global transport safer by unified rules and signs. The amendment of the Treaty now stipulates that vehicles are allowed, which have influence on the driving of the vehicle. So far-reaching assistance systems or automated functions.

The driver has the last word

The prerequisite for this is that these systems comply with the technical rules of the United Nations (UNECE). Also must be ensured, that the driver can override them at any time or switch off. He can therefore still not with his passengers to a round composed, as some studies, but always be on your guard. Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt provides automated and networked driving on the right track. "We put in a next step we already, limbering up the international rules for the car with autopilot.", said the Minister. A target: The term "Driver" will be expanded so that future automated systems with be equated him full vehicle control. (rh)