Want to buy your own F1 team? That's how much Red Bull wants for AlphaTauri

Although, according to one billionaire, this amount would be 'not commercially feasible'

Suppose, for a change, you receive an email from a real billionaire who wants to share his wealth with you, what do you buy first? We expect a nice car collection, but what do you do with the remaining amount? Maybe an F1 team is a nice investment. Can you give your son with mediocre performance a seat? This is how much AlphaTauri must cost if you want to buy it.

Red Bull's plans to sell its sister team now appear to be an open secret. The team will soon have a new name, but will remain under the management of the racing branch of the drinks manufacturer. It now appears that the F1 team could have gone to another owner. Rodin owner David Dicker was interested, but according to him Red Bull was asking too much.

He tells Racer : “Well, I would do that [buying a team] if I thought there was a viable route, but paying $800 or $900 million probably wouldn't be considered commercially viable.” Convert Dicker's amount into US currency, and you should have approximately between 760 million and 860 million euros left to buy the AlphaTauri F1 team.

Dicker was also interested in other F1 teams

The billionaire also tried to get into F1 with his own Rodin Carlin, but the FIA ​​rejected his entry. In addition, he has missed more opportunities in F1 in the past. "I made a mistake when Williams was for sale because I could have bought that quite easily," says Dicker. The New Zealander had discussions with Williams, but an agreement was never reached.

In addition, he could also have bought a Ferrari customer team: 'Sauber and Haas, who have more or less been on and off the market for years. They probably could have been purchased for much lower amounts that made much more sense. But like I said, I probably messed that up.” Maybe Dicker can make a deal with Andretti-Cadillac?