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Affalterbach, September 24, 2014

BMW M3 and Audi RS4 - collect heads, please! This C slams huge! The here are the first pictures and information on the new Mercedes - AMG C 63 and as much as we can already say that it is bulky. Very heavy. Because the new super-C - class gets the 4.0 - liter twin-turbo V8 from the recently introduced AMG sports car GT. How this comes the steamroller middle class in two power levels. The C 63 makes 476 hp and 650 Newton meters, the C 63 S even 510 hp and 700 Newton meters mistaken. The work done takes a revised version of Speed ​​Shift MCT seven-speed sports automatic transmission.

In four seconds to 100 km / h

Despite the curb weight of 1655 kilograms crisp (after nearly 75 pounds less than its predecessor ), it is sufficient in the C 63 S for 4.0 seconds for the sprint from zero to 100 km / h. The 15 kilos lighter C 63 is only 0.1 seconds slower. The combi versions provide the standard sprint in 4.1 and 4.2 seconds. All variants regulate at 250 km / h electronically. Consumption is Mercedes with 8.2 liters per 100 kilometers on ( the T - model should consume 8.4 liters ). This corresponds to a C02 emissions of 192 grams per kilometer. For the characteristic AMG sound a sport exhaust system with exhaust flap which varies depending on driving program and engine speed steplessly between " halfway decent " and "neighborhood dispute " makes. Those who want even more radical: On request, a performance exhaust system with three flaps is to have that brings the environment in three stages to the quake.

C 63 S with dynamic engine mounts

The chassis of the new C 63 relies on a four-link front suspension with wider track and a multi-link rear axle. Both options provide increased negative camber. The AMG Ride Control sports suspension including electronically controlled dampers that are adjustable in three stages. The dynamics also benefit from a mechanical limited-slip differential on the rear axle. The C 63 ​​S an electronic limited slip differential is used. Both differentials are linked to the three-stage ESP. Apart from " ESP ON" and " ESP OFF " is also a "Sport Handling Mode". A treat for the stronger C 63 S are the new dynamic engine mounts, which will be used also in the AMG GT. Reduce the vibrations in the motor-gear unit and can adjust their stiffness continuously and instantaneously to the prevailing driving conditions. This helps especially for sporty driving the turn-in and overall balance. Only for the C 63 S it will be to request the first time on a ceramic brake system and sports tires.

Four driving modes

As you know as a keen followers of the current car event goes without various travel programs nowadays nothing more. And so also the Mercedes - AMG C 63 AMG is equipped with the so-called Dynamic Select with four different speed levels. In addition to " Controlled Efficiency " are the " Sport", "Sport + " and " Individual". In model C 63 S even just adds the fifth stage " Race".

much wider

Externally the C 63 differs from its weaker siblings by significantly more ruckus in the sheet. Front fenders are wider by 14 millimeters on each side and there is an aluminum hood with two power domes. In addition, the entire front of the car have been extended by 54 mm and reinforced the shell. The front fascia features larger air intakes and through houses a front splitter, which is to reduce lift. At the rear, a thick diffuser insert with three fins a stir. There are also large on the side of air outlet openings. Also new are a placed on the boot lid spoiler for the sedan and a roof spoiler for the T - model.

C 63 from February 2015

Inside the Mercedes - AMG C63 will get a thick sport steering wheel with 12 - clock - marker, an analogue clock with IWC design, new sport seats and carbon - dials and a 320 km / h speedometer. Upon request, there will be performance - stalls with lower seating position and more lateral support. As with the new AMG models in the past, usual, fast customers can also look forward to the new C 63 through a particularly feature-rich " Edition 1 " version. Is to see the C - 63 models are first 4th to 19th October 2014 at the Paris Auto Salon. Market for the C 63 S is the somewhat weaker C 63 and T - models start in February 2015 in April 2015 prices are not fixed yet . ( sw )