VinFast first makes model names known

The Vietnamese newcomer VinFast leave but happy to know that it is present during the Paris motor show. The company demonstrates through step-by-step news, in any case, that his marketing machine properly running.

The Vietnamese VinFast pulls tomorrow the canvas of his first models, a sedan and an SUV, which we now know is that first Lux A2.0 is called. The SUV gets the name Lux SA2.0. According to VinFast names must stress that the cars are positioned as premiummodellen. Very easy to remember the names however. The letter 'A' in the name stands for " quality of A-class. the " 2.0 " stands for the cylinder capacity of the engines.

In september next year, start VinFast with the production of the two. The Vietnamese company has nothing less than a design house Pininfarina was appointed to the exteriors to draw. Italian influences. Under the skin we seem otherwise German influences to counteract. The Lux SA2.0, the SUV, is subcutaneous to a high degree equal to that of the previous generation of BMW's X5. The Lux A2.0, the sedan, shares its technical basis with the previous generation of BMW's 5-series. If the VinFast models indeed that BMW's are based, we are given the model names in the presence of the 184 hp and 270 Nm strong 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine of the 520i and/or the arrival of a 245 hp and 350 Nm strong version of that four cylinder engine, a block that we know from the 528i to the previous generation 5-series.

The brand wants, by 2025, annually, 500,000 cars produce and also is the export of those cars on the planning.

Tomorrow we have all the details.