Toyota test trial Lending system for electric Minis

Lending system for electric Minis

Short even borrow an electric vehicle? Toyota is experimenting with a new transport system for single-seat car rental. For now, four Car-Sharing stations in Toyota City.

" Ha: mo ", Japanese for " harmonic mobility ", Toyota calls its new development system. The car-sharing itself is only one component of the project. The comprehensive objective pursued by Toyota, is a harmonization between the Public Area and the private transport. So to individual users, transport operators and municipalities throughout the search sustainable transport solutions be facilitated.

In the initial phase of the test project, the vehicles around 100 students and employees of the University Chukyo available. Cars can be reserved via smartphone. Access to the vehicles is then carried out with a personal card. Fees for the service will initially not charged.

Interested in the project is also the Japanese Ministry of Economy, which supports Toyota in the lending system.