This scale model of the Mercedes-AMG One can be controlled remotely

Unlike the real hypercar, this one should work straight away

Christmas is only 69 days away (where has the rest of 2023 gone anyway?) and so it's time to think about a present for under the tree. May we make a suggestion with this scale model of the Mercedes-AMG One? The model is scale 1 to 8 and - even more fun - can be controlled remotely.

No, it is not a Lego building set, but a product from CaDA and was designed by Bruno Jenson, better known as BrunoJJ1 in the wizarding world of scale model building sets. The One model has a lot of cool features, like a rear wing that can retract and extend just like the real car. You will also recognize the shark fin above the engine and the characteristic low nose.

The One is an advanced RC car

All in all, the scale model of the Mercedes-AMG One consists of 3,295 interlocking pieces and has independent front and rear suspension. Some more cool parts that have been reduced in size are the shock absorbers, working LED lights and the engine. The KERS system is simulated when you pull the car backwards.

Already sounds like an RC car from the future, right? Please note: there are two engines that provide four-wheel drive and a two-speed transmission. Apparently you can also set driving modes (!) and you can open the doors at the push of a button. You do have to buy two AA batteries for the model.

The price of the scale model of the Mercedes-AMG One

Once you finish the car, the remote-controlled Mercedes-AMG One measures 57 centimeters in length, 24.5 centimeters in width and is 16 centimeters high. Big enough to fall over. The construction set costs 300 euros from Mercedes . If Sinterklaas or Santa Claus are a bit fussy about the price: the real car is more than 8,000 times more expensive.