This is the meaning of the round new logo with two arrows on your car tire

Just like with cars, tires must become more durable

If you often come to these or other pages to read about cars, you know that most car brands want to be the most sustainable in the class between 2030 and 2050. Tire manufacturers are also fighting over who is the greenest of all. If you want durable Pirelli tires, the logo with a circle and two arrows on a car tire can help you.

Apart from sustainability, a lot is happening in the tire industry. For example, Michelin is experimenting with tires without air, there are special tires for electric cars and they are even working on a braking system that deflates the tires. Yet the main theme remains greening. Goodyear has a soybean tire.

The meaning of the round logo with two arrows on a car tire

Pirelli is introducing the new symbol to make car tires more sustainable. The round logo with the two arrows means that the tire is at least half made from biomaterials or recycled products. This includes materials such as natural rubber, bioresin and waste from rice cultivation. The first tire on which the emblem can be seen is the P Zero E. 55 percent of it comes from green materials.

Pirelli has an external company test whether half of the tires really consist of sustainable materials. In theory, the logo could also be placed on other tires, because they can contact the same company. However, a spokesperson for Pirelli Netherlands could not confirm whether other tire brands will also use the logo. If you see the mark on other tires in the future, you will at least know what it means.