The V8-X-class?

Stuttgart, 28. June 2018

With 258 HP and 550 Newton metres of torque X 350 d is the strongest of the Mercedes X-class, which you can get currently for money. However, all of that could change in the short or long because the Daimler has admitted that it is quite for the idea of open, to buy his Nissan-Navara-based Pickup with an eight-cylinder.

Not necessarily an AMG Version

Before the performance love Truck Fans, but too early – this does not mean automatically that there will be a fat AMG Version of the X-class. Why? Now, there is also a somewhat weaker Version of the 4.0-Liter twin-turbo V8 as in the 469-HP S 560 or in the 422-HP G 500 is an Alternative. The Australian platform, "Drive", the voice during the performance of the V6 Version with X-class development chief Frank Schumacher reported. The explained that it would be possible to build a more powerful Version of the Pickups. The V8 can fit in the X-class engine room. However, this would happen only if the demand is great enough: "If there is after the Start of the V6 Version and enough wishes for a V8, we'll add probably a V8. But this is always a response to customer demand."

Different Statements

The statement of the Mercedes-Official is in contrast to a Statement that Volker Mornhinweg, head of Mercedes-Benz Vans, made about a year ago. In an Interview during the X-class presentation in South Africa, this meant: "I don't think the product is right for a V8." It looks a bit like the star would have changed his mind. Perhaps you don't want to miss the X-class but a bit more Glamour, in the gives her two more cylinders. Until then, hot it: Wait and drink tea.(sw)