The quietest convertibles in the world

West Sussex, September 9, 2015

The philosophy of Rolls-Royce is to enter into any compromises. Nothing comes close properly ?? or is almost good ?? is good enough. Therefore, it was not enough to designers and developers in England, simply cut off the roof the Wraith coupé and put on him a cloth cap. No: A 80 percent new body and the quietest convertibles in the world were the minimum requirements. What emerged was: The Rolls-Royce Dawn. Curtain on!

Inspiration from the past

Inspired by the Silver Dawn Drophead from 1952 finished the Dawn should open alike elegant and noble therefore come as closed. For this purpose, many Rolls-Royce-typical features have been applied to the new model: For example, the ratio of 2: 1 in terms of body and wheel height, the long bonnet and the tapering silhouette with high shoulder line. The stresses short front overhang and long rear overhang also provide for a classic shape. The from the famous mascot "Spirit of Ecstasy" outgoing conical curvature of the bonnet leads to a high shoulder line, which can almost seem like a classic hot rod the Dawn in the side view. At the front of the grill has been set back by 42 millimeters, while the bumper has been extended by 53 millimeters. Also new are the now horizontal instead of vertical struts of the radiator grille. The front bumper now has a recess for a license plate and new air intakes in the lower section.

Quietest convertible in the world

Over the shoulder line sits harmoniously integrated soft-top, which does not require concave surfaces or hard edges. It combines the steeply raked windscreen to the rear along with the high-mounted stop light and visible in the open state "Deck" ?? the cover behind the rear seat. This places a horseshoe shape around the rear seats and is the customer and individually configurable according to its own (wooden)-Wünschen. A Rolls-Royce-typical distinction is the "coach" doors, which open in opposite directions. They provide a stylish entry and exit and also give the Dawn greater stability. The soft roof ?? one of the largest for convertibles ?? is powered by a specially designed mechanism: the "Silent Ballet". It opens in 22 seconds and up to a speed of 50 km / h. When closed, it should be as quiet inside the Dawn as in fixed-roof coupe, which should bring the Dawn the title as the quietest convertibles in the world. Together with the small side windows in the rear is formed with the roof closed an intimate privacy in the interior.

Pure luxury in the interior

The Dawn is currently the only modern open four-seater. The background is that Rolls-Royce was of the opinion that conventional 2 + 2-seater would be only a bad compromise for all involved. Thus one finds in Dawn four separate seats, which are separated in the middle of a continuous console. The clock in the instrument panel has been redesigned and now contributes, inter alia, the name of the vehicle. For music lovers there is the Rolls-Royce Bespoke audio system: According to Rolls-Royce, the most complete hi-fi system ever with 16 speakers. Two bass speakers were installed in the trunk and distributed seven tweeter inside. A highly sensitive microphone measures the ambient noise and adjusts the music accordingly. The new 10.25-inch large HD screen of the navigation is controlled by the "Spirit of Ecstasy" controller. It supports finger input as a smartphone, not only identifies Latin and Arabic characters even Mandarin. An automatic cruise control makes driving in the city ?? as well as the new software for the camera system in the front ?? pleasant. The highlight of the assistance systems catalog should be the head-up display with thermal imaging, which warns the driver in the dark in front of people or animals on the road.

With V12 under the long hood

Under the hood lies a 6.6-liter twin-turbo V12 with 570 horsepower and 780 drive Nm of torque. It is coupled to a gear satelitenunterstütztes. This special eight-speed ZF automatic transmission uses GPS data to ?? pending of road and driving style ?? Always the right gear ready to have. A dynamic accelerator adjustment is intended to ensure a better engine response. The suspension including air suspension has been reconfigured and provides the Rolls-Royce - typical cruising. Run-flat tires give even when a puncture even the possibility to control the Dawn to the nearest garage. In total, a lower center of gravity, a wider track than by 24 millimeters at the Wraith and a 180 mm shorter wheelbase for a ?? even at this colossus ?? sporty handling care . ( mf )