The notchback child is now Tipo

Turin ( IT ), October 12, 2015

Lange was puzzled, what name would carry the new compact sedan made ​​by Fiat. On the Istanbul Motor Show, the vehicle was still presented as " Fiat Aegea ". In Turkey, the car will continue to be called so, because the name there was a lot of followers. But in the remaining sales countries to boost the success of a traditional name.

Fiat Tipo with up to 120 hp

Even until 1995, with a 1988 of Fiat model name " Tipo ". At that time still an edgy hatchback, the new Tipo will come as an aesthetic notchback sedan on the market. In Italy, designed and built in Turkey, provides the Tipo is a completely newly developed four-door model of the Italian brand. The engine range two turbodiesel and two petrol engines are available that provide 95-120 hp. Optionally, the gears are engaged via a manual six-speed gearbox or an automatic transmission.

Europe, Middle East, Africa

The Tipo will be available in December 2015 for the time being, however, only in the Fiat - native Italy. The rest of Europe, the Middle East and Africa will then follow . ( mf )