The new Singer 911 in work

Sun Valley (USA), 25. April 2018

Singer Vehicle Design – that's right, the Californians, the building in the opinion of many the most beautiful Porsches in the world – has published on Facebook the first pictures of his latest project. To do this, you do Not need to as a possible Singer-Younger know: Each Time in Sun Valley, a new age of eleven-a-side in formation, the enthusiasts of the world a short breath. In this magnificent piece, it will not be different. Practical: The purpose of the dark blue coupe is seen at first glance. The complex patterns on the skin of the latest Singer represents a topographic map of Mulholland Drive in Los Angeles. The same is curves known. The fits well. As always, singer's work is a feast for an eye.

Inspiration from nocturnal street racing

In the '60s and' 70s, the Mulholland Drive has developed into a popular location for night-time, illegal race. Singers new imaginary Elfer Inspiration seems to have from that time period brought. The gorgeous rally-esque extra lights on the hood, for example, would have certainly helped, the curvy road during a night of full-throttle excursion to adequately illuminate.

For the first time, with a fixed rear wing

As the Basis for the latest Singer prank is a Porsche 964 (was built between 1989 and 1994). Front, wheels, front, side view – everything looks familiar and breathtaking as always. At the rear, however, the Singer has done something New and pretty Fascinating: Instead of removing the extendable rear spoiler of the standard model and make the corresponding area plan, installed the car Builder on a fixed wing with filigree aluminium legs. Such optics must be quite a novelty in a classic Porsche. But here, it somehow seems a suitable and presentable.

Still nothing to the interior

Unfortunately, Singer has not yet published any interior pictures of the cars, and the Facebook Post also reveals no further Details. Only a Roll cage in the color of the car can be seen on the existing picture material. Singer offers levels of his re-imagined Porsche 911 in a variety of performance. Base naturally aspirated six-cylinder boxer engines with a 3.8 or 4.0 litre Hubarum. The top version is the result of a collaboration with Williams Advanced Engineering and the legendary Porsche-developer Hans Mezger. The unit produces 500 HP and turns more than 9,000 tours.(sw)