The Mercedes GLS Grand Edition

Stuttgart, 9. October 2017

Since 2012, the market and the end of 2015, the last model, well maintained. Yes, the Mercedes GLS is coming, slowly but surely, a bit in the years. The outside may look relatively fresh, and after a typical Mercedes model, but in the interior, one notices the largest SUV in the model range of a certain Betagtheit. Therefore, the manufacturer pulls the GLS now a special treatment. In the Form of the new Grand Edition.

The outside package for 2,300 Euro

The GLS Grand Edition on 20-inch light-alloy wheels in 10-spoke Design. For the body, several colors are available, also with the obligatory Special-edition-badge adorned. The additional cost compared with a GLS of the rod? 2.300 Euro.

Interior package for 5.950 Euro

Further Changes take place in the cabin. There is a Mercedes equipped with more luxury in the Form of inflationary nappa leather-application in a shade of brown. The color combination is called "porcelain/espresso brown," and it is complemented by open-pore wood elements of the Linde. The floor mats are of coffee colors. Just like the ambient lighting. For the interior package, Mercedes will also require 5.950 Euro.

The versions and the next Generation

The GLS Grand Edition is for models 350 d, 400, and 500. Up to 400 all versions serial drive with a nine-speed automatic. All-wheel drive, however, all of the models. You, however, have no desire to be a special edition, and prefer to wait for the new GLS? Then you have to Wait a little longer. With the market launch of the new edition of Full-Size SUVs, we are not to be expected before 2019.(ml)