The camper from the wooden box

Sprockhövel, 23 August 2016

Ququq! No, not the finger of the keyboard has slipped us and we also believe not the wicked big bird, which lays its eggs in alien nests. Though, this comparison is not completely insane. The Ququq boxes is, after all, a big wooden box is from the rushed in the trunk of any car a small camper developed and whose name is really pronounced as cuckoo.

So much travel quality in a box

The boxes, which already exist for station wagons and vans and is offered now for the G-class by Mercedes, are 81 cm wide, 42 cm high and 76 cm deep. Weigh 40 kg without and 65 kg with a bed. With bed? That's right: a small kitchen with a working and storage space as well as a pull-out cooking module with a kitchen gas stove is located in wooden crates. In addition, a Windbreak and a storage compartment for kitchen utensils is built. Two serve as water supply 10 litre canister with tap, providing running water without electricity. A bed that is even quite large with 1.95 on 1.26 meters can also be mounted on the wooden box. The whole thing in the trunk of the Mercedes G class is placed, without requiring any modifications to the vehicle are necessary.

Practical but expensive

The practical advantage of hand-crafted box made of waterproof wood and protective aluminium profiles is the short development time and. In just two minutes, the box in the trunk is stowed, lashed, and ready to go. When not in use it takes away space in the garage or in the basement with a footprint in one square meter. A larger hole should eat however the G-box in your purse: the manufacturer for the buddy bed requires 2,590 euro.

Premiere at the caravan Salon

Since beginning 2016 run two pairs with the first two G-boxes by Mexico and the United States as a Guinea pig. The "real" world premiere will experience the home box for the G-class at the caravan salon in Düsseldorf (26 August to 4 September 2016). There are also versions for station wagons and minibuses in the installed state. (mf)