Shady G-class seller accidentally wins his own auction (and it costs him dearly)

He tried to jack up the price and succeeded a little too well

Claiming that the car has always belonged to an elderly person whose genes have been passed on for two generations is not always enough to get the price you want. A more sophisticated sales technique is to bid for your own car. The seller of this white Mercedes G-class did the same, but it literally cost him dearly.

The seller offered his bright white Mercedes-AMG G63 through an intermediary on Bring A Trailer . The reserve price for the auction was set at approximately $90,000. BAT's policy is that the winner of the auction pays five percent on top of the winning amount to the website. You can probably get a little taste of what's to come next.

The intermediary had already warned the owner of the G-class that his car would not really stand out within the Bring A Trailer offering. And he was right: with minutes to go, the bids were disappointing. So the owner decided to place a few bids himself (together with a friend), in the hope that someone else would pass them on.

The seller himself bids on the auction of the Mercedes G-class

In the end he bid $86,000, which was exactly the minimum amount for the auction. The only problem with the seller's evil plan was that no one else submitted a bid afterward. So all he had done was make sure the car was sold to himself. No problem, you might say, until you remember that the website charges a five percent sales commission.

The five percent extra costs amounted to $ 4,300, which is approximately 4,000 euros. So he had to pay 4,000 euros for his own car. And besides, Bring A Trailer doesn't like the trick. Therefore, the seller has been banned from the website. Ultimately, the owner sold his car to a dealer for $85,000, and you actually have to collect the $4,300 from there...