Seven special Sevens

Munich, 23 March 2016

Edler and sent always goes: according to this motto, BMW individual presents two Edition variants of the new 7-series. On the basis of the new 750Li xDrive created the Solitaire Edition limited to six copies, as well as the master-class Edition, of which there will be only a single vehicle as a whole is just seven cars.

Just know? Not at all

The special 7s are in the color "metallic Black Gold" and "metallic Solitaire White" painted. The special paint containing fine Glasflakes, which should enhance the shine. A chromium-plated plaque with the Solitaire lettering on the C-pillar of all seven models, as well as a rear trim with the Edition name indicate the special position of the cars.

Interior: Brown Alcantara leather

Inside, there is a Brown full leather interior and an Alcantara roof liner in the same color. These are the highest quality leather, which is available for a BMW: BMW Individual leather Merino fine-grain. Soft mats of white lambskin, leather-covered boxes of facial tissue in the rear doors, as well as leather pillow with the embroidered lettering "Solitaire" or "Master Class" will be added. The bar compartment in the Fund center console includes sparkling tulips and a cooler, a silver plaque indicates the Edition vehicle. The five diamonds embedded in dashboard and doors on request however represent the height of decadence.

Diamond-set key box

Also a box is one of the edition size for storage of keys. It is shiny black and with mother of Pearl inlay on the cover and is studded with diamonds on request. It is like the car with Brown Alcantara.

Standard drive with 450 HP

So exclusive the editions BMWs are: the normal V8 gasoline engine with 450 HP and 650 Newton metres of torque serves as a drive. From the State, the all-wheel drive sedan accelerates in 4.7 seconds to 100 km/h. The price of the Edition models BMW does not share with, he may strongly depend of options selected. A normal 750 Li xDrive already 112.900 euros. (sl)