Schwäbisch First Class fly

Stuttgart / Dubai (UAE), 14. November 2017

Car manufacturers and the aviation have more in common than you think. Both industries are striving to branches always to transport the passengers as comfortable as possible from A to B. Now, Mercedes and Emirates want to follow common paths. For this reason, a Brand was launched, their first project has now been presented: It is the common fully redesigned First Class in the Boeing-777-Emirates fleet.

Fly like an S-class

In 2014, the cooperation with a first Meeting in Woburn Abbey, great Britain began. Here, Teams from both companies exchanged views on current design trends. Particularly from the design of the then-new S-class, the aircraft interior were enthusiastic Designer. And so it was, for the first time in the work by the automotive design for inspiration.

Virtual window, or binoculars?

In three years, the closed First-Class Private Suite with a size of four square meters and total privacy. The cabins are arranged in a 1-1-1 configuration. And what now comes from the S-class? The choice of material, high standard Workmanship, the controls, as well as the ambience lighting system. This virtual window, the transmitted real-time images of outside the aircraft on the screens in the cabin without a real window. In all cabins with window glasses are ready. In addition, passengers can communicate via the video call function with the flight attendants. The suites also have a Service window on the drinks or Canapés can be served.

Door-to-door Transfer in upper class limousines

But not only in the air, the cooperation is bearing fruit: From the 1. December 2017, to Emirates offers the First-class cabin passengers a door-to-door Transfer service to and from the Dubai airport. This Chauffeur-drive Service ... three Times you may guess ... of course, with a Mercedes S-class.(ml)