Renault Zoe Now with power from the AC outlet

Now with power from the AC outlet

Finding the appropriate charging capability for the electric car is not easy. When Renault Zoe, it was previously even extra difficult. But now the manufacturer has provided a remedy.

Renault offers for its small electric car Zoe now a charging cable for connection to the household outlet. The so-called " Emergency charging " with 6.90 meters in length, is to now get for 599 euros on the option list. If you already own a Zoe, it can also buy individually.

Unlike most competitors, Renault has so far refrained from offering a shock-cord for normal electrical outlets. So far, the Zoe could only connect to the Mennekes type 2 sockets of charging stations, or specifically to install wall box in the garage at home. Apparently that had caused resentment among customers, so that the French now follow suit in the cable question.

Despite the lack of cable Zoe was last year, with 1,019 new registrations, the best-selling electric car in Germany. The four-seater will cost at least 21,700 euros, in addition the battery for at least 79 euros must be rented per month.