Renault expects less growth in China

Renault thinks that the global market for passenger cars this year, less attracting than the French company previously provided. Especially in the expectations for China continued the company the knife, it emerged on Tuesday.

For the global automotive market provides for Renault now, a growth of 2%, where the forecast earlier to 3 percent lag. For China cut off Renault even harder in his groeivoorspelling: that went from 5 percent to 2 percent. About home market France (from 2 to 4 percent growth) and the rest of Europe (from 1.5 to more than 1.5 percent growth) was the automaker just more positive.

The automaker saw in the third quarter, reduced demand, particularly in India and Africa and had to contend with a declining revenue. The revenue amounted to 11.5 billion euro, a decrease of 6 percent. Renault confirmed that the financial expectations for this year.