Red Bull drivers also dissatisfied with the car during the third free practice session in Singapore

Verstappen is not happy with the Red Bull's gearbox

"We are a lot worse than we expected," Max Verstappen said yesterday after the second free practice in Singapore. After a third place in FP1, Verstappen came just further than eighth place, one place behind Pérez. There is no panic yet within the team, but something drastic has to change for Red Bull.

The problem seems to mainly be with the rear of the RB19. Both Verstappen and Pérez complain about the lack of grip on the rear wheels. "It feels like I'm going to crash in every corner," Pérez reported over the on-board radio in VT2. After his first lap in the third free practice in Singapore, Pérez says the rear is still nervous. "It feels sharp entering the corners, very on the edge," says the Mexican driver.

Another problem for Red Bull

Verstappen is not happy either. He is negative about the way the gearbox shifts up. Verstappen also shoots straight ahead to an exit strip. Later, the Red Bull driver also goes off after the first corner combination. No, the adjustments to the car do not yet result in improvements for Verstappen and Pérez.

Verstappen momentarily runs wide, but a quick pirouette gets him back in the right direction – he's quickest so far #SingaporeGP #F1

— Formula 1 (@F1) September 16, 2023 Who will take Red Bull's place then? Yesterday it was Ferrari, but in this session Mercedes and McLaren are showing themselves. At the end of the training, a qualifying lap on the soft tire is practiced. Sainz is the fastest, followed by Russell and Norris. Leclerc is on a fast lap, but after a mistake he ends the lap. Had he not made that mistake, he would have finished higher.

And Verstappen? He has to give up three tenths on the fastest time. Yes, it is only free training and when we start qualifying it will be a lot colder because the sun has gone down. Yet there is plenty of reason to assume that Verstappen will not take pole position soon. 'I can't drive with these upshifts. Unacceptable," Verstappen reports.

Results of the third free practice for the Singapore GP 2023

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SaturdayQualification: 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM

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