Red - black Renner

Stuttgart, February 16, 2015

When it comes to special edition models, the marketing department of Mercedes is quite inventive Only recently, special versions of the SL 63 AMG launched that were personally styled to celebrate the superior success in the Formula 1 2014 season of Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton respectively. From each of the two SL only 19 units will be manufactured. The car will initially be available as a duo at the price of 629,510 euros to the members of the exclusive " Mercedes - Benz Circle of Excellence", and possibly later go individually for € 320,110 in sales.

417 as a start number and start time

Not quite as deep into your pockets you have for the brand new Roadster Edition " Mille Miglia 417 ". The commemorates the use of the 300 SL at the most famous endurance race in the world in 1955. The number 417 is the starting number, it is the time 4:17 clock. In this minute exactly sprinted on May 1, 1955 los Gullwing Brescia in northern Italy, to meet the nearly 1,600-mile racetrack in the " Mille ". At the wheel sat the American privateer John Fitch, passenger assisted Kurt Gessl. After eleven hours, 29 minutes and 21 seconds of the Mercedes crossed the finish line ?? as bejubelter winner in the production sports car and as a respectable fifth place overall.

Black and red appearance

Also, the special-SL, now commemorates 60 years on this effort, bears the number 417 ?? but only subtly integrated into a plaque. The special features of the " Mille Miglia 417 "-Auflage are mainly red accents on the front apron lip at the rear, the brake calipers and wheel rims. These contrast of matte carbon rear spoiler and black spokes of the AMG wheels. The latter are the way, not only because of their two-tone real eye-catcher: That they measure 19 inches at the front and at the rear axle 20 inches, is likely to attract attention as well. Painted the Mille-SL is standard in glossy " magnetite black metallic". If you prefer a matt, may also have a corresponding tint in black or various shades of white.

Leather and carbon interior

Inside spoiled the thousand-mile - Benz with a comfort, of which the team Fitch / Gessl not even dare to dream 60 years ago. The black leather-trimmed AMG-line seats were like center console and door inner panels topped with red inserts. The leather headrests are provided with a carbon imprint and the embroidered label " SL Mille Miglia ". The steering wheel has a nappa leather jacket in red and black, also here is another one carboxylic embossing is used. Black are the floor mats which are processed with the words "1000 Miglia ". Fits to many ornamental parts were sold in matte carbon.

Ordered from April 2015

The Edition model is 400 ordered from 7 April 2015 is 333 hp SL for 115,370 euros and as SL 500 with 455 hp for 136,195 euros . (HD)