Rapper Cro presented Mercedes

Stuttgart, June 2, 2015

Rapper Cro has a Mercedes CLA Streetstyle transformed into unique and is the colorful focal point in Germany on the road. The eye-catcher - Benz is part of a promotional tour of Mercedes, which drives up the end of June 2015, 19 German cities. In this event under the slogan " The car-mat. Test drive at your fingertips. Inserting. Boarding. Enjoy. " can test drive models from Mercedes - pallet Visitors without registration.

Post image with the unique

Cro, which always occurs with a panda mask has, the CLA missed a distinctive paint. The body designed expressively ?? A Colorful collage of styles, characters and ideas. The car is to be found after the tour a new owner. " Mercedes-Benz Germany has left me the car and I'll give him one of you! " Cro writes on his Facebook page. Who wants the car, should be photographed on the tour by car, load the image on the Facebook page and explain why exactly he wants the CLA. Whoever gets him will be decided after the closing date on September 15, 2015.

spontaneous design

The redesign of the CLA special model has Cro freestyle standard made ​​with aerosol paint cans, paint pens and paint and let yourself be inspired by spontaneous ideas. A template did not exist. Thus the musician has shown that he can handle also very creative with colors. The 25-year-old is the way for some years now a brand ambassador of Mercedes . ( hd )