Racy Renault

Brühl, 18. January 2018

Renault and formula 1: A compound that has ensured since the 1970s for not a few successes. Even before the season of 2018 begins, there is now a sharp Clio in bright Design of the next formula-1-car R. p. 18.

400 18

Ergo, the fleet is vehicle because the Renault Clio R. S. 18, for Germany, 400 vehicles are provided. The basis of the 220-HP Clio R. S. Trophy with 280 Newton metres of maximum torque. The specialists of Akrapovic buy a exhaust system. Including an automatic climate control system and a Monitor, with information on engine and driving parameters.

Black-and-yellow Mix

Even more, the changed appearance of the skin but on the plaster. Body, bumper and rear diffuser are painted black, as is the Renault Rhombus. As a contrast, Shine side moldings, wheel hub covers and the air baffle in the cooling-air opening in a "Sirius Yellow". The rear side Windows and the rear window are dark tinted. Get pleasure? 27.990 Euro is calling on Renault to the potent small car.(rh)