Pagani Huayra BC: The lightweight bomber

Modena (Italy), February 22, 2016

Only a super sports car? This assessment would have probably far from Horacio Pagani. Who has ever seen one of his creations from the inside, know: the man's artist. Now, carbon fiber fetishist Pagani has refined the brutal Huayra. More power and less weight is reduced to the abbreviation BC.

New type carbon fiber

BC? This sounds at first very enigmatic, derived but by Horacio close friend Benny Caiola, who was his first customer at the same time many years ago. With the BC, Pagani shows potential which is still in the certainly not feeble Huayra. This starts with the body and the chassis. Here a not more precisely defined new carbon fiber type is used. He should be 50 per cent lighter, but 20 percent stiffer than normal carbon. Overall, the BC weighs less than the standard Huayra, namely total 1,218 kilograms 132 kilograms. A small but fine detail with this diet is the only 2.9 kilograms titanium exhaust.

70 more Horsepower

A six liter Twin-Turbo V12 is derived from the engine of the 65 AMG models from Mercedes produced the gathered there exhaust fumes. So far it provides in the Huayra for 730 PS, now he delivers 800 HP. The maximum torque of 1,100 nm is even more impressive. This enormous force is redirected via an automated Xtrac seven-speed transmission with electro-hydraulic actuation on the rear wheels. To have stuttering subcompact solutions before the eye, on the subject of "automated manual"? Far from. The Pagani-box changes the speed in only 75 milliseconds. In the course, interested parties must no longer be: all 20 Huayra BC are already sold. Despite a unit price of 2.4 million euros. As a consolation, we show the exciting special models from the House of Pagani. (rh)