Owning a classic car could become considerably more expensive from 2028

If you have a vintage car that runs on LPG, you're in for a treat

Certainly not everyone born in 1983 will have been looking forward to their birthday this year. The fortieth anniversary is something to look forward to for Dutch cars. Or actually for the owners, because from then on they will not pay motor vehicle tax (MRB). Unfortunately, this may change, because from 2028 the government wants to levy mrb on vintage cars.

Don't worry: all cars that are now exempt from road tax will remain so. The cars that celebrate their fortieth anniversary in 2027 (i.e. cars from 1987) will still be exempt from road tax, but after that it will be over. Cars from 1988 or younger will therefore no longer fall under the classic car scheme and will no longer be exempt from the MRB.

Tax for all vintage cars on LPG

The government wants to end the MRB exemption for vintage cars that run on CNG (natural gas), LNG (liquefied natural gas) or LPG (autogas) in 2026. As the government describes it, owners who currently have an exemption will also soon pay for their LPG-powered classic car. This fuel has been in the sights of the tax authorities for some time: the discount that cars aged 26 to 40 receive now does not apply to cars running on LPG.

More taxes on houses on wheels and Sinterklaas

Holidaymakers with a camper will have to pay half the road tax rate from 2026. Now you pay a quarter of the rate. "There will then no longer be a difference between the rate for campers for personal use and campers for rental," the government writes about this proposal.

The bill also states that riders must pay more. Hobbyists with a vehicle specially equipped for transporting horses will pay four times as much tax from 2026. You currently pay a quarter rate for horse transport, from 2026 the full rate that also applies to passenger cars.

According to the government, the tax system would become 'simpler and more equal' 'by reducing the number of exceptions'. Before you rush to put your old 2CV on Marktplaats: the changes are part of a bill. The House of Representatives and Senate must therefore first debate whether the proposal will be approved or not.