Now it's here, the Ferrari shares

Hair, 22 October 2015

With whom the money is not enough for a Ferrari, the company can buy now. This is considerably cheaper if you limit yourself to a small part of Ferrari. For round 50 euros you can now purchase one share of the company namely. The initial public offering took place on Wall Street Wednesday ( October 21 ).

Only ten percent of Ferrari to go public

The project succeeds: After already the issue price of 52 dollar had located at the upper end of the subscription range, the stock rose during trading up to more than 60 dollars and was at market close at 55 dollars, which is about 50 euros. This is not a fast-paced debut, not a racing start, but at least a very respectable result. Ferrari parent Fiat Chrysler Automobiles ( FCA ) brought so now nine percent ?? soon there will be ten percent ?? the sports car maker on the stock market, a further ten percent are to remain in the Ferrari family and the remaining 80 percent will buy the FCA shareholders.

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The IPO brings about 900 million dollars. This results in a value of the entire company of almost ten billion dollars. The FCA 's mother with a market capitalization of EUR 17.4 million about twice as much ( almost 20 million dollars). The successful Wall Street debut could also facilitate the search for a merger partner for FCA. Its chief Sergio Marchionne had repeatedly put on record that he believes because of existing overcapacities at a consolidation in the auto industry. According to newspaper reports, Marchionne has therefore put out feelers in the spring of 2015 to talk with General Motors about the chances for a merger, but was rebuffed . ( sl )