Nissan GT - R with allowance

Las Vegas ( USA ), October 26 2015

Know the " Specialty Equipment Market Association "? If not, the abbreviation SEMA helps. Under this designation the US association for suppliers of car accessories invites each year to gigantic tuning show in Las Vegas. Clearly, there are competing and diverse automaker to win the favor of the visitors. Nissan attempts an interesting mix.

The triple pickup

The one ingredient consists of a trio of popular in the US Nissan Titan, the surname occurs suitably powerful. One of the pick-ups demonstrating the 50-piece accessory program for the model. It brings to an attached trailer also with the so-called Project Titan Cummins XD. He's new number two. Details for the third Nissan Titan are still unknown. Based on the Pro - 4X version, he was handed over to the SEMA tuning purposes.

Sharp made ​​GT-R

Much more interesting is for us Europeans certainly the more fair ingredient in the form of the Nissan GT-R Nismo N - Attack. The N - Attack package contains those parts that have been designed by the motorsport department specifically for the record hunt at the Nürburgring Nordschleife. There, the 600-hp GT - R Nismo reached the remarkable lap time of 7:08:69 minutes in 2013. According to Nissan which is the current record for production vehicles . ( rh )