Nissan developed the GT-R drone

Cologne, 24 June 2016

In the Nissan lineup a GT-R is just hard to beat. Logically, because the sports car has developed a 3.8-liter TwinTurbo V6 under the hood, the 570 HP and the 1.8-ton bullet accelerates in just 2.8 seconds to 100. But now there is competition for the cars and it weighs only 700 grams.

The world's fastest drone

Nissan is in the air: the Japanese manufacturer has now unveiled a drone was the reigning champion of the World drone Prix designed by Tornado XBlades racing. The aircraft was designed to turn driving shots from the 2017er Nissan GT-R. The result is the world's fastest racing drone.

Thrilling race

Car and drone in a promotional head-to-head combat on a racetrack have demonstrated now its speed. On the 1.9-kilometer course Ricardo Sanchez and the reigning British drones champion James Bowl dueled to the NISMO driver. With four propellers, accelerates the drone in 1.3 seconds to 100 and pulled away once the GT-R. Because the flying object but at 185 km/h final, the four-wheeled Godzilla could overtake. He runs: 315 km/h at the top. The outcome of the race? See for. (ml)