New Mercedes-Benz S-class in 2020

Mercedes-Benz slide in 2020 a whole new generation of S-class forward, who will be able to autonomously through traffic to go (level 3).

Mercedes-Benz' current generation of its flagship was in 2013 on the market and it seems, like his predecessor, a career of about seven years to be awarded. As usual with a generational change: will the new S-class is a piece of to grow, while the pounds left and right of it fly off. A new 'Sonderklasse', of course, brings new features and, according to Ola Kaellenius, currently head of Mercedes' research and development department and next year even the successor to CEO Dieter Zetsche, who will topsedan be able to autonomously (level 3) through the traffic to go, as evidenced by news coverage of Automotive News.

Autonomous driving at level 3 means that the driver, his attention no longer on the drive doesn't need to keep, in theory, you can just watch a movie, or your e-mail update. You need as a director only in certain cases to intervene. The Audi A8 is here already. Who prefer to send, need not to worry. Kaellenius says that the autonomous package optional. In the years after the launch of the new S-class, theres the new technique, undoubtedly due to cars like the C - and E-class.