New gloss for old warhorse

Stuttgart, September 24, 2015

In the glorious motorsports years of 70s and 80s cars of the Porsche brand have dominated the motorsport in the world. Countless victories were celebrated, accomplished engineering feats and legends born. In order for the special cars from Zuffenhausen can continue to live a full life racetracks, Porsche offers its services around the historic Motorsport now also for customers. As a showpiece here is a 917K, which has just been restored fresh.

Historic race car

The vehicle experienced its rollout directed by Porsche Motorsport North America. Then it won the prestigious 1,000 - kilometer race in 1971 at the Belgian Spa - Francorchamps. In addition, the car in the same year was also the long distance classic in the American Watkins Glen successful. Thereafter, the 917K in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen disappeared in the camp. Only in 2009 a fresh " Gulf " livery was applied and rolled the car into the Porsche Museum. Three years later, then carried the contract to Porsche Motorsport North America to put the cars back to the state " Spa 1971 ". Thanks to an extensive documentation of the Porsche archive, many witnesses and ultimately older or former Porsche mechanics of 917K is now back to its former glory.

Services Motorsportsman

The objective of the extended service program is that historical know-how will be preserved and passed on to continue see the old racing car on the routes of the world. In addition to the restoration and repairs Porsche also offers a support to the circuit. So should the vehicles can be looked after perfectly. In addition, in future the possibility will exist to accommodate their vehicles can in the newly formed Porsche Experience Center in Los Angeles. There, the vehicles are serviced and organized transport to the track. In the race-free time the cars are then used as exhibits . ( mf )