New factory tuning for M2, M3, and M4

Las Vegas (United States), 31 October 2016

BMW has recognized the trend early and is considered a pioneer in terms of factory tuning for several years. Under the label "BMW M performance parts" you has a remarkably wide range of performance, chassis, wheels, (carbon-) vehicle body parts and Interior embellishments in the range now. Now available new fabric here that will make the ambitious fans of the brand probably pretty happy as every year in early November once again has the world most important Tuningsause SEMA in Las Vegas (from 1 to 4 November 2016) on the program and BMW.

Lightweight wheels

The new creations for the SEMA 2016 relate largely to Bavarian athletes M2, M3 and M4. Such a new, according to BMW-derived directly from Motorsport lightweight wheel, which in Vegas as a study (Yes, that is there) and from summer 2017 for mentioned models in 19 (front) and 20-inch will be available (rear). Said wheel is matte black, made of a forged blank machined and fitted with Michelin pilot-sport Cup-2 tires.

New spoiler, new landing gear

Friends big spoiler may also look forward from mid-2017 through a new carbon rear wing for the M3. Perhaps he brings some more rest in the slightly nervous tail of 431 HP strong power sedan. Improvement in terms of driving dynamics promises a new Coilover suspension, which has devised performance for the M3 and the M4 M. Over the spring plate on the front and rear shock absorbers, it can be continuously between five and 20 mm lower and so "optimal on different road and track conditions vote", as BMW promises.

United States as the most important market

BMW shows at the SEMA is still several more individualization offers, for example, for the new plug-in hybrid 740e iPerformance. To do so, the Munich tie some "M performance packages" that will exist only in the United States. No wonder the United States is but the largest sales market for the Bavarian factory option parts. Here, over 20 percent is made more sales than in the second largest sales region Germany. (black & white)