New CEO for Volkswagen of North America

Volkswagen Group of America has once again a new CEO. Scott Keogh, now opperbaas of Audi in North America, that role from 1 november to fulfill.

The 49-year-old Keogh (picture 1) except head of the Volkswagen Group in North America also, the boss of Volkswagen in this region. He replaces in that role, Hinrich Woebcken (photo 2), who in the aftermath of the dieselschandaal in 2016 when BMW moved to the U.s. Volkswagen-branch lead.

Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess explains the step with these words: "Woebcken, Volkswagen back on the rails to success set in North America and that is given the circumstances a whole performance. After this comeback, will Scott Keogh, Audi has let them excel in the US, adding to the current success and the next step is to convert the growth strategy of Volkswagen a more relevant player in North America."

That the brand wants to grow, particularly in the United States is not so crazy, because Volkswagen will play a clearly different role than in Europe. Where the brand is here supreme, the Germans on the other side of the ocean a whole range of Japanese and Korean brands for themselves. The desired success, of course, should mainly come from SUVS, in the USA play a greater role than in the us.

The arrival of Keogh, of course, means that there is also a beautifully upholstered seat is released by Audi of America. That seat will be from december 1, accessories to Mark Del Rosso (photo 3), which, in turn, leaves as the highest boss of the American branch of Bentley. Who Del Rosso that you should follow, at a later time published. Woebcken remains as a consultant, active within the Volkswagen.