New Audis for Messi and Co.

Madrid / Barcelona ( Spain), December 2, 2014

What did the Star Kicker FC Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, Manchester United and Bayern Munich in common? In addition to her athletic rivalry for European football honors the four clubs also connects the vehicle joint sponsor with four rings, Audi. In early December organized by the automaker from Ingolstadt for the football stars, the Audi e-tron Challenge and has the players and coaches of FC Barcelona and Real Madrid over their new company car as part of this event.

e-tron Challenge in three stations

The team members were divided into groups and had to perform various tasks. The goal: to produce electricity. Part of the challenge, therefore, is not found in a car, but on a bicycle, the Audi e-tron bike instead. The players took place on the prototype and were vigorously for electricity generation in the pedals. The second group meanwhile tried the Audi Batak, a light panel to improve coordination and reaction time of the player. The last group was able to select their ball control demonstrated. She trained with a particular football, which produces energy at a kick.

Test drive in the A3 e-tron

Then were able to drive the new Audi A3 Sportback e-tron with plug-in hybrid players and coaches of the two Spanish clubs. Under the guidance of Le Mans racing driver Marc Gené, of the 24-hour race itself with an Audi plug-in hybrid vehicle, the R18 e-tron took part, it went on a test track.

New company car

As a reward, it was at the end of the event for the players of the first team and the coaches of the teams new company car for the upcoming season 2014/2015. Especially popular Q7 and A7 Sportback. (ml)