More power and sound for BMW SUVs

Ivancna Gorica (Slovenia), March 31, 2016

The Slovenian manufacturer of performance exhaust Akrapovic offers now a new exhaust system for the power SUV BMW X 5 M and X 6 M. This more from the Bavarian SUV is brought out with high-quality materials and modern techniques both the sound and the performance.

Titanium and carbon

The exhaust systems are manufactured from titanium. Some particularly complex parts come from the hotel's own titanium Foundry. The registration enabled evolution-line products to help the BMW models across the entire RPM range to a higher power and more torque. The mufflers with tailpipes made of carbon, which indicate at first glance, who is responsible for the sound of the car are completed. A carbon diffuser designed specifically for the models X 5 M and X 6 M also, which should make the look of the vehicles even sportier.

Sound button

Next to the exhaust systems, there is also the so-called "sound Kit" at Akrapovic. This opens an exhaust flap over a key press or a Smartphone-command and all the fullness of the engine sound can penetrate to the outside. Just for vehicles with large engines such as the X 5 M or the X 6 M is a real enrichment. (mf)