Michael Horn takes his hat at VW

Wolfsburg, 10th March 2016

In the middle of the fight against the exhaust scandal the next hit the VW Group now: US Chairman Michael Horn leaves the company, surprising and with immediate effect.

Farewell to hard times

Horn was the boss of VW in the United States since the beginning of 2014. Before the flue gas scandal, he had no easy task there, had to contend with massive sales problems. In consequence of the "diesel gate" completely Horn had to before Congress to testify, apologize several times publicly and generally take the RAP for the manipulation of VW vehicles. Interim successor by Horn is the future Hinrich Woebcken of head of VW North America. He should take new Office until April, but now jumps up for Horn.

What's next?

So far, there is still no plan on how to correct the affected vehicles in the United States. The last proposal on the part of VW was rejected in January by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency EPA. The limit values for nitrogen oxides are lower than in Germany, which further complicated the whole process in the United States.

VW running out of time

However, it is time to find a solution for VW slowly. On March 24th the ultimatum of a judge expires, who represents hundreds of civil lawsuits. Also, class-action lawsuits threaten the company billions of dollars. In addition several municipalities have shown VW due to environmental pollution and the public prosecutor's Office of the United States investigated for fraud. (mf)