Mercedes Sprinter: A Fine Cockpit

Stuttgart, 14. December 2017

Screens, where the eye looks In the future inside the Mercedes, setting full on Digitality, and networking. Even before the new Sprinter, which will be presented in February 2018, not this development. The first photos from the Cockpit show now.

It is precious

Admittedly, not quite as spacey and nobel as in the new A - and G-class to the next Sprinter, but we are talking here of a commercial vehicle. More precisely: since 1995, over 3.3 million units were built, commercial vehicle, whose model name has become a Synonym. Nevertheless, it is surprised to discover a fancy multi-function steering wheel and a large Display on the center console. Also, an automatic climate control can be ordered.

From cheap to vastly

But Mercedes itself admits that it is in this Segment of Tinsel, but of expediency. Therefore, not only promises a lot of design variants with different wheelbases and load heights. The Sprinter range is to extend from the base version for price sensitive customers (sort of a plain white van) up to the High-quality, High-End variant. Among other things, buyers have the choice between open, closed and lockable compartments in the Cockpit and in the headliner.

Maximum Networking

About the infotainment systems, the top end of the product range, marked a new telematics generation with maximum networking. But also the waiver of any infotainment system in favor of a storage is possible without the need of a networked vehicle without. What is the meaning of this networking in everyday life? Thus, the new Sprinter is part of a system, associating the order data with the vehicle and for efficient routing. For example, can be informed to the service of "Fleet Communication" of the craftsmen during his Route on urgent changes to the order and redirected. Customer addresses for the next order to be transmitted directly to the System and prevent misunderstandings in the contact between dispatcher and driver. As a further example, Service technicians and craftsmen use the new Sprinter as a rolling workshop and parts warehouse. With the networking solution "In-Van Delivery & Return" wins the craftsmen of valuable time, which he can use for other customer orders. Over night be taken by a logistics service provider is no longer needed parts of the Keyless out of the vehicle and for the following day required parts and tools in the vehicle supplied.

Electro-Sprinter from 2019

In the year 2019, a pure-electric Sprinter is coming on the market. And is not just a niche solution: Hermes plans with 1,500 electricity vans for the package delivery, including the electric Vito will appear in the second half of the year 2018.(rh)