Mercedes celebrates BMW with nice gesture

Stuttgart / M√ľnchen, 3rd March 2016

7 March 2016 marks the company from BMW for the 100th time. A very special gift to the birthday of the Munich-based brand comes from the eternal Stuttgart competitors Mercedes. And the thank you from Bavaria was not long in coming.

Mercedes invites to Stuttgart

From 8 to 13 March 2016, Mercedes offers all BMW employees, employee identification to get free entry into the Mercedes Museum. If you are travelling in a vehicle of the Munich-based manufacturer, may park even free and pleasant close directly on the Hill in front of the entrance to the Museum. Also, the first 50 employees of BMW Mercedes restaurant get bought a Swabian specialty. What, exactly, that leaves even Mercedes. However, Stuttgart give the note that the dish with the famous BMW kidney have to do.

BMW takes up

In Munich they rejoiced about the generous gesture and returned the favor with a further invitation: all Mercedes employees are cordially invited to the big BMW Festival from 9 to 11 September 2016 in Munich. Then, BMW celebrates the Great Jubilee of the brand over three days. (mf)