Mercedes -AMG takes off

Affalterbach, November 28, 2014

Tobias Moers, Head of Mercedes-AMG, sitting in a rocket. At least his company is similar from: Much more than 40,000 vehicles sold, it should be this year. In the coming years there will be a lot more, because Moers will ignite the next stage of a growth strategy. The goal: Over the next three years, sales of 2013, more than double what some 70,000 vehicles means.

Fleet interim solution

How Moers want to achieve this? Some time ago it is the first time joined with the A 45 AMG and its offshoots in the compact class. By 2020 eleven complete new Mercedes models come in addition to the market without predecessors, nine of which received an AMG offshoot. Similarly, as practiced by the BMW M GmbH of their M Performance models, including Mercedes-AMG will soon introduce vehicles that are based on well-known engines. These are revamped visually and technically quite moderate, but making them even cheaper than "real" AMG models.

Premiere of GLE and C-Class in Detroit

The first two vehicles of the "AMG Sport" mentioned product line debut in January 2015 to the auto show in Detroit. Number One is a corresponding branch of the all-new Mercedes Coupé GLE, number two is most likely a C 450 AMG Sport with 367 hp, which is based on the 333 hp C 400. The "Light " models from Mercedes-AMG not only have more horsepower, but also have standard all-wheel drive as well as special suspension components and brake systems. Nice side effect: the AMG Sport line will also reduce the fleet consumption. Currently the largest AMG sales market is the United States with 25 percent, Germany accounts for ten percent. High hopes Moers but on the growing Chinese market . (rh)