Luxury apartment for auto enthusiasts

Miami (United States), 20 July 2016

Record live over 70 of the approximately 490 American billionaires in New York. In her spare time these people drop but like to suit and tie, to escape to Miami. There, namely 22 super rich have bought an apartment in the new Porsche Design Tower. The special feature of the building? You can take your car in the apartment.

The car on the 60th floor

Although already 95 percent of apartments in the building are sold, before it opened on September 1, 2016, but still a buyer for this must be found extremely luxurious penthouse on the top floor. On the 60th floor ride multiple lifts, creating around 200 meters per second. One is completely made of glass and is large enough to transport a car to the penthouse. There you can then with relish the WallStreet Journal read not the fire, while next to one, but the hot exhaust of a sportscar crackles romantic or?

280 square meter garage area

Among the luxury penthouse in addition to a spacious garage we still talk about the 60th floor in addition a huge living and dining area, four bedrooms, seven baths, six-meter-high glass facades and a separate private elevator. The 280-square-meter "Auto Gallery" you should be too large, they can be equipped with a bar, pool tables or other game room inventory.

Expensive fun

If you want to ship to Florida now your car collection into a container and planning the move, we must warn you: this penthouse is not exactly a bargain with $32.5 million. There are more details on (mf)