Lower, wider and faster

Lennestadt, July 24, 2015

The Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake is a premium car with plenty of room for everything related needs. And he's athletic. This is especially true when H & R comes in. Because the chassis professionals from the Sauerland region have now sport springs launched specifically for the coupe - wagon.

Two and a half centimeters closer to the tarmac

Thus the center of gravity of front and rear axle is respectively lowered by about 25 millimeters, which emphasizes the dynamic lines and adds extra agility. Even brisk cornering not bring the chic Benz thanks to H & R so quickly from the rest. Here the competence of the tuner comes as a technology partner of the Mercedes - AMG team in the DTM once again to bear. The specially matched to the vehicle spring characteristic ensures noticeably more driving fun ?? already the high-torque 1.6-liter gasoline engine in the CLA 200 with 156 hp.

Up to six centimeters wider

H & R also offers " Trak + " - Wheel spacers at six to 60 millimeters wide. These can be the wheels align precisely to the Radhauskanten ?? for an individual and sporty appearance of the elegant tourer. Lowering costs 268 euros, the wheel spacers can be had for 42-127 Euro . ( sl )