length costs

Stuttgart, December 16, 2014

You are monarch head of state or rapper? Then you might probably want to know the following information in flames: Mercedes has announced the prices for the new S-Class Maybach known. The Mercedes Maybach S 500 starts at 134,054 Euros, therefore, the twelve-cylinder S 600 will cost at least 182,842 euros. For comparison, the long version of the S 500 comes to 108,945 euros, the S 600 long to have from 164,280 euros. The previous Maybach (still under its own label ) were with prices from 300,000 to 500,000 euros incidentally twice as expensive.

New level of luxury

Daimler's new super flagship gets compared to the long S - class about 20 inches more wheelbase. The is a total length of 5.45 meters now at 3.37 meters rich. This is of particular benefit to the fund, which now has even more to offer legroom and more relaxing recliner. Furthermore, there are even softer leather, even more prestigious decoration and loud Mercedes even the slightest foundation of the world. But the luxury gadgets include "essential " things like the new fragrance " Agarwood " for the integrated perfume dispenser, a full-length center console with folding tables as in the first class of a long-distance flier or cup holder who receive longer thanks to special thermocouples beverage temperature. Oh, and the handmade champagne goblets of silver should not be missed. Other unique features of the Mercedes S-Class Maybach are a Gurtschlossbringer and a Belt and seat cushion airbags in the rear. And so it works better with the communication in the expanse of the Mega-S - Benz, the Swabians have also catered for speech reinforcement. Two microphones in the rearview mirror take on the spoken word of the driver and guide it subtly reinforced back.

Adequate performance

At the S-class design changes but scarce. A little more pomp in the grill, a slightly revised roofline for more headroom, short doors for more private atmosphere and a few Maybach lettering ?? that's it basically already. The Mercedes star on the hood this time remains. Just like all infotainment and assistance systems from the normal S-Class. With this, the new sub-brand Maybach will share in future all facelift measures. Powered thickest Benz is going from a twin-turbo V8 with 455 hp and 700 Newton meters or by a twin-turbo V12 with 530 hp and 830 Newton meters. Both accelerate the Swabian Rolls five seconds to 100 km / hr and are good for 250 km / h. The consumptions are at 8.9 liters for the S 500 and 11.7 liters for the S 600. The Mercedes Maybach S-Class is now available to order. The launch takes place in February 2015. Later, might even follow a convertible variant. (sw)