Leisure concept: The Toyota FT-AC

Los Angeles (USA), 30. November 2017

At the Los Angeles Auto Show in 2017, the from 1. to 10. December, presented Toyota with a completely new design study, the FT-AC Concept. This is according to the manufacturer statement, a "versatile recreational vehicle for an active lifestyle". Let's take a detailed look at the foretaste of the brands of the future.

Optical Adaptability

Canoe trip, Mountain Bike Tour, climbing tour: The FT-AC should be as varied as the leisure time after a hard work week. The letters are not simply a random combination of Latin letters, they stand for "Future Toyota Adventure Concept". The optics should be adapted to this adaptability of the SUVs ... respect.... The paint is held in a striking Green, and grey accents, heavy duty body panels and a distinctive underride protection journeyman. LED lighting, a bike rack, a roof rack, and 20-inch wheels with All-Terrain tires equipped with Toyota also.

Terrain features, the unknown drives

But not only the off-road Tires and the swashbuckling Look to lure riders to the terrain, Toyota promises a generous ground clearance, an advanced four-wheel drive system with active torque distribution, as well as a variety of terrain settings, and a Lock mode. Less communicative of the manufacturer but, when it comes to the engines: powerful gasoline engine or a hybrid drivetrain could imagine Toyota in this design study. Anyway, we are curious if the next RAV4 is going to speak a similar design language.(ml)