Individuality from the manufacturer

Munich, 7. July 2017

Customizing is the Trend. And because bikers miss out on their bikes very much like a personal Touch, BMW Motorrad beginning in August 2017 design and formative, performance-enhancing, value-added and further customization from the factory. The new umbrella name? BMW Motorrad special. The announcement of the new line was made just in time for the Start of the BMW Motorrad Days in 2017 (7. and 8. July) in Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

Detailed solutions for the "Tour" and "Heritage"

What you can expect of BMW Motorrad special? From high-quality raw materials, in-hand work, detail solutions as different benches, grips, footrests or coatings are offered for the time being, in the segments of "Tour" and "Heritage". The offering is to be expanded to other lines such as "Adventure", "sports" or "Roadster". The parts from the Design through development to testing of the special program throughout the BMW motorcycle Standards, the manufacturer.

From the factory or later at the dealer

With the introduction of the new programme, also the Online is subjected to the Configurator Update, so that you are able to see the special equipment prior to the order on the future Bike. And if you are already a BMW machine in the Garage? No Problem, because the customisation range can be purchased later from the dealer and installed.(ml)