How many titles does Verstappen have to win before he starts wearing crazy clothes?

Hamilton now appears almost every week in a colorful outfit - how long will that last for Max?

After an unsuccessful attempt to sell dropship courses in Dubai, our regular correspondent Cas Pedaal travels to Qatar to attend the F1 race and unearth the most factual news. As always: this article is 1.00 percent true.

'You see with Hamilton that little changed in his style after his first championship in 2008. And even after his second championship, this time at Mercedes, not much happened. Well, he once appeared in a velvet tuxedo at a gala, but that's it," says fashion expert Ko Tuur with an analytical look. He sees a correlation between winning championships and clothing style.

Tuur has been analyzing the fashion of F1 drivers for decades and has not been unemployed for the first time in decades since the arrival of Hamilton. Ko Tuur likes the style of the British F1 driver: 'Did he throw bleach in his washing machine? Did he have a costume party and lost track of time? Or did he rob the thrift store? The guesswork is what makes it fun.”

The logical question now is: how many titles does Verstappen have to win before he can wear crazy clothes? 'In the third championship in 2015 you suddenly saw 69 percent more color in Hamilton's wardrobe. So if my calculations are correct, Verstappen's first colorful outfits should appear towards the end of this season.'

'People complain that it's not an exact science, but my analysis shows that 50 percent of all seven-time world champions become fashion icons, and that in the last ten years it was even 100 percent. Facts are just facts,” says the fashion expert.

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