High-tech car dealership for British luxury

Dubai, 17 August 2016

May be now well known that in the United Arab Emirates all is slightly larger, more expensive and ostentatious. Also the first Bentley showroom in Dubai can be so described. The multi million investment of the local Bentley distributor "Al Habtoor motors" has just been completed and may safely be considered as one of the world's most impressive car houses.

LED fa├žade

Even the facade of the six-storey building is very spectacular: 160,000 LED lights up the national flag of the Emirates wrap the front in every imaginable color and pattern combination from the Bentley wood veneer. Above all, omnipresent emblazoned the emblem of the British luxury brand and is expected to attract wealthy customers on the most famous street of Dubai's "Sheikh Zayed Road".

Various themed rooms

Various topics and application areas in several rooms are spread inside the nearly 7,000-square-meter exhibition rooms. In some of them you can assemble his personal Bentley, in other customers are just spoiled. The sixth floor houses a roof garden and a VIP Suite, which is furnished with high-quality materials and in the style of the traditional Arab houses.

Special waterfall

The highlight of the showrooms, which shows the entire range of Bentley, is the so-called "Aqua graphic water curtain". Including one can imagine a waterfall, to any graphic is an image, a logo or a license plate can be projected. Also, it can detect system stem customers and throw a personal greeting on the waterfall. If this is no devotion to the customer! (mf)