From rib and rust

Munich, October 7 2015

" We come in peace with washed Humor " is the motto of Janet Schürmeyer and Paula Kopczynski. Den you also need necessarily, because in the pictures of their car wash calendar are normal gentlemen to see in abysmally ugly underpants next to something more beautiful vintage cars. Now probably the quirkiest ( workshop ) comes calendar for the sixth time and brings an absolute novelty with: For the first time a car is washed. However, not from a hot beach Girl with a " Miss Wet T-Shirt " party, but by a gentleman in dire rib. And even that watered Goggomobil in this example does not look as if would not bring any benefit to him of cleaning.

Mix of men and cars

In the underwear department specifically to engage in addition to good taste, is one of the specialties of the two inner Wuppertal. In a colorful mix of men and cars they tell little stories. That the stories always overshoot slightly over the target, part of the concept: So there is a gentleman with the red neckerchief a Soviet youth organization before birthplace Friedrich Engels and makes a Selfie of himself and a 1967 Volga. Or between oversized dandelions and a blue Skoda 1000MB is in the Park " verschlumpftschlumpfige Schlumpf Schlumpf thing " going on. These bulky screen titles, of which each receives a calendar page, are virtually the final touch of funky foliage.

29.90 Euro

Who wants something other carwash calendar can order it for 29.90 euros via the online shop at . ( hd )