Film vehicle: The Lexus Skyjet

Cologne, 14 November 2016

In the July 2017, the science here film "The city of a thousand planets Valerian" starts up in theaters. For this space-strips, Lexus should create a means of transport that will bring a vehicle from the present in the 700 years-distant future in which the film takes place. It came out is the Skyjet.

Film team, Chief Engineer and designer

But from the beginning: the creative team of the film met with the Lexus Chief Engineer Takeaki Kato and the designers of the brand, to discuss optical refinements and feasible technologies. "For this partnership we have searched for a brand that is a pioneer in innovations and technologies and focused on the future rather than the past", explains the Director of the film, Luc Besson.

Optical reminiscent of the Lexus LC

The result, the Skyjet, is an interpretation of the brand-typical radiator grille and the headlights in the style of the Lexus LC. The 4.76 metres long Coupé with classic Nitro (LC 500) or with a hybrid powertrain (LC 500 h) can be fitted, comes 2017 on the market. Prices for the earthly Coupé are still unknown. As well as potential drives of the Skyjets. (ml)