Ferrari GTC4 Azzurra

Hair, 1. February 2018

There are certainly worse resumes than to be the grandson of Fiat Patriarch Giovanni Agnelli. On this basis, Lapo Elkann afford much can Garage, including "Italia", an exclusive company for vehicle finishing. Now, Mr Elkann is exactly where a very special Ferrari build: the GTC4 Azzurra.

Twice taught

Italy-lovers and Adriano-Celentano-Fans don't know, of course, that "Azzurro" is some kind of Blue, but the Blue of the sky and the sea. This is exactly what the tag of the four-seater Ferrari GTC4 Lusso also has in mind. Specifically for the Elkannsche single piece of exclusive colors were developed. So the front bumper shines in light "Azzurro Lapo", as well as a longitudinal strip that runs across the entire body. The Rest of the car is dark blue.

Very colourful

Inside the Orgy goes on in Blue, Lapo Elkann has selected materials such as Foglizzo leather. A special feature of the front seats in Daytona style, a Mix of diamond shapes and small circles. Three of these circles represent the colors of the Italian Tricolor.(rh)