FCA Googling

Auburn Hills (United States), 10 may 2016

You know the sweet, rolling egg, with the Google far away from the traditional car manufacturer has created a kind of alternative embodiment of the autonomous driving? The little thing Oh well, it was a whole fleet of them has over the last seven years over one and a half million miles on public roads traveled, which the militant global corporation when it comes to self propelled cars is expected to be relatively far forward. Without the help of the "stale" car industry isn't but apparently also the data pioneers of Silicon Valley. At least you get the FCA group in the boat is now for further testing.

The first of its kind

Fiat is appropriately proud Chrysler automobiles a collaboration, which is "the first of its kind". It is planned to integrate Google's self-propelled technology hybrid Chrysler minivan Pacifica. Thus the autonomous test fleet of Californians to more than double to increase. According to FCA, development responsibilities will be divided according to the expertise of both companies. Fiat-Chrysler will develop autonomous technology specifically for Google's initially about 100 vehicles and build, Google provides all sensors and computers that require the cars to move independently on the road. Both companies send their own teams in a joint development centre for it to Michigan.

33,000 deaths a year

Google's own autonomous fleet is currently testing in four US cities. The self propelled Chrysler Pacifica is checked only on Google's private test track, before he is to be released later on public roads. Whoever thought he could probably already buy a spacious family car, the by driving alone, will be sadly disappointed. After all, says John Krafcik, CEO of Google's self driving car project: "the opportunity to work closely with FCA engineers together will accelerate our efforts to develop a fully independent vehicle. That will make our roads safer, making accessible daily goals for the, which can ride." According to FCA, there is an annual 33,000 deaths on American roads. 94 percent of them go back to human error. Autonomous vehicles to "some of them have the potential to prevent." (black & white)