Facelifted Jeep Renegade priced

AutoWeek is in the price-lists of diving, and we have the prices of the facelifted Jeep Renegade, with new engines, know how to dive.

In 2014 presented Renegade was in the middle of this year, a facelift subject. Jeep's smallest is on the outside hardly to be adjusted while the subcutaneous adjustments heavier. The Renegade will get acquainted with completely new engines. The base engine is a 120 hp and 190 Nm strong blown three-cylinder petrol engine, a block that is a 150 hp and a 180 hp strong 1,3-litre four-cylinder turbocharged engine above must tolerate.

The starting price of the new Renegade is temporarily at € 26.990, that is the amount that Jeep for the temporarily available Opening Edition will receive it. The Renegade is in that case equipped with the 120 hp 1.0, a block that a manual transmission is linked. The Opening Edition has a standard to an 8.4-inch large screen for the infotainment system to hear that Apple CarPlay and Android Auto support. Front fog lights, 16-inch alloy, automatic climate control, led ambient lighting, rear parking sensors, black roof rails, front fog lamp: it's all there.

Who the Opening Edition does not have, from € 27.990 same Renegade in Limited trim. For € 30.490 euro you get the Renegade in the same configuration, but then if Freedom version. The Renegade with 150 hp 1.3 must be at least € 31.990 to Jeep transfer. The four-cylinder is linked to a robotized transmission, the DDCT gearbox. Also then you get the Limited version. The Freedom is in that configuration, from € 34.490 in the order books. The 180 bhp version of the 1.3, the only Renegade with four-wheel drive and also the only Renegade with negentrapsautomaat, is only Limited available and must than € 39.990 muster.

The Limited has standard business adaptive cruise control, led fog lamps, privacy glass, 17-inch alloy, leather-covered steering wheel and parking sensors both front and rear. Also the Uconnect system is present. The Freedom adds things like a heated steering wheel, heated front seats, electric heated and folding door mirrors, heated wipers, Keyless Entry, electric operated panoramic roof and automatic lighting to the above.